What are NVQ’s and how they can help you?

What is an NVQ?

The question is often raised “What is an NVQ?”.  An NVQ is a National Vocational Qualification.

But what really are NVQ’s?  NVQ’s are awards that can be achieved in England, Wales and Ireland.  They are regulated qualifications. It’s a type of qualification which you can use to further your career. There are many benefits to doing this type of qualification.

In other words these ‘awards’ are based on recognised standards, and on your work experience. This is mainly experience you have already gained at work but not yet been academically recognised for.

Should I apply for an NVQ?

Therefore where individuals have not qualified by either going to college or being part of an apprenticeship type program.  Then an NVQ is a step in the right direction.

Typically, experience gained from working would be comparative to studying at a college or university.  So by applying and completing an NVQ you could get a qualification.  The qualification would acknowledge your abilities, experience and skills.

Does this apply to you? Then definitely apply to complete an NVQ.  NVQ’s are self driven not classroom based, providing flexibility, allowing you to work, manage a family and complete your qualification.


Types of Construction NVQS

There are many different types of  construction NVQ’s and CSCS cards. CSCS cards have different colours as a result it can all be confusing at times.  A Compass adviser can easily guide you in the right direction to the correct NVQ for your experience and level.

If your worried about the assessment

The qualification is competence based, you do not need to sit exams.  Each candidate is assessed on their knowledge and experience for each unit in the qualification.

You do not need to take time off work to complete the qualification.  Candidates won’t need to come to a classroom session.  Furthermore each person has different circumstances, completing an NVQ is flexible and arrangements can be made to assist each individual.

An assessor will work along side you to guide you along your qualification.  While they wont do the work for you, they can assist you with obstacles that you may face during the qualification.  This may include help in understanding the questions, understanding of terminology and giving you any one to one coaching you may need in a specific area.

Our assessors are experienced construction professionals who have completed the qualifications themselves.  The assessors have trained and worked in the fields that they will be assessing you in, so they are familiar with the technical jargon.

Your onsite assessment will be an observation of you in your normal work environment.  This will provide your assessor with the relevant evidence for your specific work activities.

Act now

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Why get a BLACK CSCS Card? Is it worth it?

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It was important for me to achieve this NVQ as quickly as possible and thankfully Compass were able to help me.  Brian was really experienced and a true gentleman - he explained exactly what I needed to do so I could complete it in record time.